Yunnan OP Gold Black Tea

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Blac Tea Yunnan OP Gold

Black tea with a refreshing, pungent taste and strong aroma. Dry with numerous tips from the very tops of the shoots. Known as the "golden fog". The very dryness of this tea looks beautiful, because fleshy black and golden leaves of tea bushes are mixed here. It comes from the province of Yunnan, where many excellent Chinese teas valued around the world come from. It consists of golden tips, which gives it a dry flavor, with a hint of bitterness in the background. When properly brewed, it gives a strong red-brown infusion. It stimulates and brightens the mind. Contains long, pointed leaves without buds (OP designation - Orange Pekoe)

Country of Origin: China, Yunnan Province.

Yunnan, meaning "South of the clouds."

Yunnan Province is located in the southwest of China, bordered by Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam. It is an exceptionally mountainous region with a warm and humid climate, ideal for the cultivation of tea shrubs. It is in the Yunnan Province that the oldest tea trees grow, estimated to be 3200 years old! It is not surprising then that some people consider this province the birthplace of tea.

Today, Yunnan teas are one of the main branches of the Chinese tea industry. Many crops are still carried out in traditional form, i.e. without fertilizers and consisting mainly of manual harvesting of tea leaves. Nevertheless, with the current scale of production, it is difficult to avoid automation - each year over 350,000 tons of high-quality tea is produced in the Yunnan province, which goes to almost all corners of the world.

Yunnan is famous for nearly 200 different varieties of tea, but its traditional, black varieties enjoy unflagging popularity. What distinguishes Yunnan tea is the presence of "golden tips", i.e. delicate tea leaf buds, which are responsible for the exceptionally delicate and sweet taste of the infusion obtained. The proportion of "tips" to dark leaves depends on the type of tea, the most golden buds can be found in the gold and pure gold varieties.

When properly brewed, Yunnan black tea has a golden-amber color and an intense aroma, with noticeable sweet notes of nuts, honey and chocolate, as well as citrus, which makes it an ideal tea every day. It goes well with the addition of milk, sugar or honey, as well as lemon juice or fruit syrup. On its basis, you can prepare your own tea mixtures by adding freeze-dried or candied fruit, herbs and dried fruit to the dried fruit.

Yunnan loose leaf tea will always be a better choice than tea in a teabag. Express teas keep their taste and aroma for a shorter time, and are often made of low-quality dry. Leaf tea allows you to get to know the whole spectrum of the offered flavor notes, gives you more brewing options, and it is easier to judge its quality by the appearance of the dried fruit.

It is also worth knowing that the original Pu-Erh, known as red tea, comes from the province of Yunnan. It is prepared from the same Camellia Sinensis leaves, but they undergo a fermentation process, which radically changes their taste, known as earthy. This tea is most often sold in the form of a pressed disk or small nests and bricks. In addition, a wide range of Yunnan green teas are also available.

Yunnan tea - how to brew?

Brewing Yunnan tea is extremely simple and shouldn't be a problem. It is recommended that 3 g of dried should contain 120 ml of water at 95 degrees Celsius (1-2 minutes from the moment of boiling it in the kettle). The brewing time should be 1-3 minutes, the dry can be brewed several times, each time discovering new flavor nuances. The tea can be sweetened with sugar or honey, but it is worth experimenting without any additives at the beginning.

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