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Peppers are mainly grown in South America, but many varieties of this plant - with different spiciness, color and flavor - also appear in other regions of the world. This spice is an important addition to dishes prepared all over the world.

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Everything you need to know about peppers

Pepper seeds were brought to Europe by Diego Alvaraez Chanca, who accompanied Columbus' second expedition in 1493. The Hungarians contributed to the popularization of its culinary qualities, who started to cultivate it in 1526, and then made it their culinary banner, making it famous and famous paprika and paprika. outside Hungary. Today it is so popular that no one can imagine many dishes without it

Sweet ground paprika Application

Sweet pepper is an incredibly versatile spice. Its mild taste can be enhanced by adding a pinch to the heated oil and mixing it with other additives, such as garlic or Cayenne pepper. This spice is perfect for meat dishes (both poultry and pork), sauces, and all kinds of marinades. It goes well with fish dishes. Goes well with cottage cheese, vegetable salads, tomato dishes, stews and soups. Ground paprika is an essential ingredient in traditional Hungarian cuisine. It is used, among others for the preparation of treatments. In Spanish and Indian cuisine, it is an ingredient of many spice mixtures.

Hot Paprica Application

The use of hot pepper in everyday cooking Hot pepper has a unique flavor. Therefore, we can use it in our kitchen in many different ways. First of all: it is worth adding it to home-made vegetable pastes based on baked vegetables or boiled chickpeas; Secondly, hot pepper will greatly enhance the taste of tomato puree; Thirdly: this spice should be added to meat, fish and vegan dishes; Fourth: hot pepper, combined with parsley and olive oil, can create an excellent salad dressing.

Chili pepper Application Chili pepper is distinguished by a very spicy taste and an intense aroma. It is especially recommended for Hungarian, Spanish and Mexican dishes. Dried and fresh chili is added to spicy Italian pasta dishes. Chili is an ingredient of marinades, and as a spice they are added to casseroles, melted cheeses, and soups. Chili replaces salt and fat in the diet, giving food a strong flavor so that no seasoning is required. Ground chili pepper is widely used not only in Indian or Mexican cuisine. It is also a popular spice in the preparation of healthy dishes from cuisines around the world. And how to use it in your daily menu?

  • First of all: ground chili pepper can be used when preparing tasty sandwich pastes based on fresh vegetables;
  • Secondly: this spice can be added to warming hot chocolate or aromatic coffee with spices;
  • Third: chili peppers are worth using when seasoning meats and even vegan chops;
  • Fourth: this spice will perfectly emphasize the taste of vegetable casseroles, vegetarian pates and, above all, aromatic heal.

It is also worth knowing that ground chili pepper is used in the production of lotions designed to reduce cellulite, as well as in the production of certain perfumes.

Use of Smoked Hot Peppers

  • for Hungarian goulash
  • for meat and fish
  • for grilled dishes
  • for vegetables
  • for groats and rice
  • for potato casseroles and pizza
  • for cottage cheese and spreads

In practice, the use of this spice is much wider. You can add it to soups and sauces. It affects not only the taste and aroma of the dish, but also its color. For this reason, it is a valuable and very simple decorative element.

Nutritional values of paprica

The nutritional value of pepper depends on its color:

  • Red pepper contains a lot of beta-carotene and vitamin C, which strengthens immunity
  • Green peppers contain large amounts of folic acid and vitamin E - commonly known as the vitamin of youth
  • Yellow and orange peppers are good for our eyesight, thanks to the lutein they contain and a treasury of powerful antioxidants that protect the body against the harmful effects of free radicals.

Raw pepper is the healthiest, but also stewed or baked, it retains a lot of nutrients, because it is only slightly changed in the processing process.

First of all, paprika is an invaluable source of vitamin C. It contains four or five times more than lemons. What's more, it keeps it under the influence of cooking or baking.

Vitamins A and E, contained in pepper, inhibit cell aging, strengthen immunity, improve the condition of blood vessels, weaken the harmful effects of bad cholesterol, protecting against atherosclerosis.

Powdered hot pepper is not only a popular spice that improves digestion and stimulates the appetite, but also a remedy for headaches that has been used in folk medicine for years. Capsaicin contained in the vegetable has warming and analgesic properties. It cleans the respiratory tract, alleviating the symptoms of colds. However, hot pepper should be eaten in moderation so as not to irritate the digestive tract.

Extracts of hot pepper varieties containing capsaicin are used in medicine in the form of various types of ointments, patches and liniments - used in radiculitis, rheumatic pain and neuralgia.

Despite many nutritional values and vitamins, pepper should be eliminated from the diet of people suffering from various types of rheumatic diseases and arthrosis.

How to choose paprica?

When looking for various cooking products, we may not realize how much it depends on whether we know how to distinguish peppers so that they best serve our culinary needs. Peppers, which differ in sharpness, sweetness or aroma, are also divided into female and male. The former have four convex tips on the underside, are full of seeds and are sweeter, so they are better suited for salads and eating raw. We recognize the male ones by the three ends. They are perfect for baking and stewing. Regardless of what we want to use it for, choose one with a smooth, firm and shiny skin without discoloration.

How to store paprika?

Opinions differ on the subject of keeping peppers in the refrigerator. We store it in the bottom drawer for 5-7 days. At room temperature, it begins to wilt after 2-3 days. Peppers stored in refrigerated conditions produce ethylene (which accelerates maturation), therefore vegetables, especially green ones, should not lie next to it - they will quickly turn yellow and lose their firmness. Hot peppers are very sensitive to cold and should not be stored in the refrigerator. Covered with a damp kitchen towel, it is more durable. Hot chili pepper can be successfully dried, frozen or marinated in olive oil.

What to use peppers for?

The taste, color and smell of paprika encourage its use in the kitchen. Peppers stuffed with couscous, meat and / or vegetables are very popular, especially in the Mediterranean. There is no single binding recipe and the recipe can be changed depending on your preferences and available ingredients. Pepper is also perfect as an ingredient of heal, paprika, stews, eintopfs, soups, sauces and salads. We can successfully season it into sauces, purees, marinades and even silage.

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