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If you want to buy loose black tea, the Ambrosia shop is the right place for you. Whether typically English, strong or gentle - you can easily order your favorite black tea from us online! Our range has the right black tea for tea and tea time, for breakfast and five o'clock tea, for cozy get-togethers and enjoyable moments alone. While some black tea varieties convince with their strong and invigorating aroma, others are gentle or flowery. How do you like him most? Our tip: Refined with real bourbon vanilla, enjoying black tea becomes a particularly aromatic pleasure! With our black tea you experience your personal moment of pleasure in a completely natural way, because Earl Gray, East Frisian tea, Assam Rani, Darjeeling Lingia and Ceylon Orange Pekoe contain no artificial colors, flavorings or preservatives

Buy Black Tea Online - Aromatic enjoyment for the cup

They come from the best growing areas in India and are of course unirradiated and free of sulfur. So that you can prepare the high-quality black tea correctly, we have useful accessories for tea preparation in our shop - this guarantees that theEnglish tea time is guaranteed! For a round taste as it should be, the tea is brewed loosely in a tea strainer or tea infuser with hot, no longer boiling water. The brewing time is based on the type of black tea and the desired intensity of the taste.

You can buy various black tea blends in our online shop. You can order your favorite black tea loose and indulge yourself at breakfast, in the afternoon with a delicious piece of cake or in the evening on the couch with a cup full of hot aroma. Whether strong or mild - by filling your teabag individually, you decide for yourself how you prefer to drink your black tea.

What is tea?

A drink known as tea is obtained by infusing the leaves, buds and stems of Camellia shrubs. Generally speaking, tea is a Chinese camellia infusion.
The origin of tea

China is the cradle of tea, because this is where the culture of drinking the invigorating drink is the richest and was the earliest documented. However, biologists suspect that the original habitat of camellia was in former Burma, and now Myanmar.
Making black tea

The valuable raw material harvested on plantations must first undergo a process of natural or mechanically accelerated wilting and drying. Then the crushing and twisting of the plants takes place, followed by fermentation (oxidation) and final drying.
Classification of black teas

The highest quality products consist of whole leaves from the top of the tea bush. During processing, the leaves of the black tea can be mechanically broken. It does not significantly affect the aroma or properties of the obtained infusion. Cheap black tea bags are usually fine packed in bags, i.e. waste generated during the production of leaf teas.

Black tea designations

A system for labeling finished products is related to the classification of teas. We give explanations of the most important symbols:

  • Tip (T) - undeveloped donuts
  • Flowery (F) - a bud with the two closest leaves
  • Orange (O) - long, delicate leaves
  • Pekoe (P) - short, thicker leaves
  • Souchong (S) - large, thick, curled leaves
  • Broken (B) - broken leaves
  • Fannings (F) - sieving in the form of fine and dust

What kinds of black tea are the best?

  • Chinese, such as Keemun or Dian Hong from Yunnan Province,
  • Indian, Darjeeling and Assam among them,
  • Nepalese black teas similar in taste to Indian ones,
  • Ceylon (from Sri Lanka) good value for money,
  • Taiwanese - Hong Yu, Assamica, Shan Cha (wild tea) and others,
  • Kenyan purple varieties,
  • Exceptionally strong Turkish black teas,
  • Interesting Japanese teas.

The largest producers of black tea

India, Kenya, Sri Lanka and Turkey are the leaders in the production of black tea. Our country mainly imports unoxidized parts of tea plants, which are further processed in Irish processing plants, packed and delivered to wholesalers or exported.

Proper brewing of black tea

The most common mistake we make when preparing our infusion is that the water temperature is too low. Black tea leaves should be poured with boiling water at a temperature close to 100 ° C. Only then will we get the full flavor and aroma of them.

Black tea stimulates or relaxes?

The recommended brewing time is 2-3 minutes. The drink prepared in this way gives energy and reduces the effects of fatigue. However, it is enough to brew black tea up to 5 minutes and its effect will be relaxing and calming.

What to brew tea in?

Black tea can be brewed in special teapots, jugs or gaivans. It is permissible to prepare a single portion of the drink directly in the cup, but then it is worth using an infuser or a disposable filter to be able to extract the leaves from the infusion in time

Tea storage

When stored properly, high-quality black tea has virtually no expiry date. The exception to this rule is the fresh Darjeeling first flush.

It is best to keep the tea in tightly closed, opaque containers. In this way, the product will not be soaked with foreign smells, and will not lose its aroma and will not become moldy.

Aging black tea

Some teas require longer maturing to develop a full range of benefits. In Taiwan, you can buy decades-old black teas with an unusual taste

Nutritional values, or what black tea contains

Bitter black tea is practically calorie-free. It is estimated that 100 g of infusion has an energy value of 1 kcal. This popular drink does not contain fats, sugars or fiber. In black tea, however, we find sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and trace amounts of protein. The composition of black tea depends on the type and method of preparation of the drink.

Properties of black tea - effects on the nervous system

Due to the content of theine, theobromine and theophylline, the tea infusion perfectly brightens the mind, improves mood and helps to concentrate.

If we are not hypersensitive to these natural substances and we enjoy tea in reasonable amounts (up to four cups a day), then we do not have to worry about overdosing.

Is black tea healthy?

Black tea contains theaflavins - beneficial organic compounds with antioxidant properties. These powerful antioxidants neutralize dangerous free radicals and harmful metal ions, thus:

  • They delay the aging process,
  • They detoxify the body of toxins,
  • They help lower the level of bad cholesterol (LDL), so they prevent atherosclerosis and reduce the risk of a heart attack,
  • They have a positive effect on circulation and lower blood pressure,
  • They strengthen the erythrocyte cell membranes and blood vessels,
  • Regulate blood glucose levels,
  • They protect our eyes from glaucoma,
  • They largely eliminate the effects of passive smoking,
  • Prevent DNA damage in cells,
  • They show anti-cancer properties.

Bitter tea for the stomach?

Thanks to tannins, black tea stimulates the secretion of digestive enzymes, inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria in the digestive tract, has an astringent and anti-inflammatory effect. These are undoubtedly the advantages of black tea, but people with an extremely sensitive stomach may not tolerate a strong infusion.

Black tea and teeth

Fluoride ions present in tea strengthen the tooth enamel and thus prevent the development of caries. In turn, cheap black tea bags may contain too much fluoride, which in excess is toxic. So it's better to choose high-quality products.

As you can see, drinking black tea has many health benefits. Remember, however, that this drink is not a miracle cure for serious diseases, so it cannot replace pharmacological treatment.

Black tea - not for everyone

Black tea should not be drunk by young children, people who are sick, very weak or hypersensitive to theine. If you suffer from anemia, you should avoid drinking tea, as the tannins in it make it difficult to absorb iron from food.

What are the other disadvantages of tea? Well, it has been known for a long time that black tea stains tooth enamel. The advice is simple - use toothpaste and brush more often!

Undoubtedly, drinking strong tea in the evening hours can cause sleep problems and disrupt your natural sleep rhythm.

As a rule, pregnant and breastfeeding women can drink tea, but not too strong and in a small amount (1-2 cups a day).

Certain severe diseases, such as metabolic or cardiovascular diseases, prevent the consumption of tea or coffee.

If in doubt, we recommend that you consult your doctor.

Interesting facts about black tea

Tea ranks second on the list of the most drunk liquids on the globe. Of course, the first position in this ranking belongs to clean water.

The tea harvest in the world brings a total of over 5,000. tonnes of raw material per year.

Among the inhabitants of Europe, the Irish drink the most black tea.

When tea appeared in England, it could only be bought in a pharmacy.

The vast majority of Brits (98%) add milk to their tea.

In some parts of the world, such as Burma, tea is not only drunk but also eaten as silage.

Madras is a famous Indian tea city that often appears in crossword puzzles.

Strong black tea, used regularly as a hair rinse, darkens the hair, gives a chestnut shine to the hairstyle and has an antiseptic effect on the scalp.

How Much is the Best Black Tea? The price of leaves from the legendary Chinese Da Hong Pao shrubs is over one million dollars per kilogram. They are credited with healing properties that are not scientifically proven.

The oldest known tea tree is over 3,200 years old.

A tea taster is a person who knows almost everything about tea and is professionally tasting it.

In the AMBROSIA.IE store you will find unique compositions of carefully selected black teas.

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