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Herbal Tea

Anyone who loves loose herbal tea has come to the right place in the Ambrosia shop. Whether as individual herbs for tea preparation or as a ready-made herbal tea blend - we have the right herbal tea for every taste! In our range you will find classics such as mint tea and chamomile tea, special varieties such as Moringa leaves and mate tea as well as various tea blends for special occasions and moods. From the good mood tea to the invigorating breakfast tea with dried herbs and fruits as a pick-me-up in the morning to the herbal tea with a draining effect, you can buy a wide variety of mixed tea herbs in our shop. The special feature: Our herbal teas, which consist of various leaves, flowers, peel and herbs, are of high quality.

Herbal tea - how long to steep?

If you are looking for the optimal length of time for how long a tea must brew from herbs, you will find many different times. An exact answer to the question about the brewing time of herbal tea can therefore hardly be found. The optimal brewing time always depends on personal preference. In addition, the freshness of the tea also plays an important role. Even passionate and experienced lovers of this tasty tea variant can only give a guideline, which is somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes of steeping time.

This must be taken into account when preparing herbal tea

A tasty herbal tea is quick and easy to prepare. If you buy herbal tea that finds its way into your cup in bulk, there are a few things to keep in mind when preparing it. Hence our little herbal tea guide at this point.

  • This way the tea tastes more intense
  • The following applies: The longer the tea brewing time and the larger the amount of tea leaves, the
  • more intense the tea tastes.
  • Tea doesn't like hard water
  • The degree of hardness, i.e. the lime content of tap water, has a direct effect on the taste of tea. The harder the water, the less aromatic the tea tastes.
  • It all comes down to the harvest
  • Freshly harvested herbal tea tastes better than tea that is older. Therefore: pay attention to the freshness when buying.
  • The temperature makes the difference
  • Herbal tea should be infused with boiling water. This is the best way for the aroma to develop.


Buy Herbal tea

You can order loose herbal tea in our online shop. Our loose herbal tea consists of many even coarser plant parts and you can tell in the taste. For herbal tea with ginger, for example, it is advisable to order the herbal tea loose, as the piquant freshness of the ginger comes into its own after brewing the loose tea. Quite a few tea connoisseurs swear by being able to buy their herbal tea loose. Before preparation, it is either placed in a tea strainer or a tea infuser. The decisive advantage, however, is that it has a much more intense aroma when it is loosely packaged. Another advantage is that you can put together your own favorite herbal teas quickly and easily - completely according to your individual preferences and with your very own favorite ingredients.

Experience your personal moment of pleasure in the form of a soothing herbal infusion in a completely natural way! Cup for cup, you get an aromatic, unadulterated taste and an intense fragrance that is a lot of joy to enjoy. Discover the diversity of nature and order your favorite herbal tea varieties easily and conveniently in our shop!

Popular herbal teas and new tea creations from our online shop

We have of course already mixed the most popular herbal tea blends for you in our online shop, such as the herbal tea with lemon or the herbal tea with mint. In addition to these bestsellers, you will find over 20 delicious and very different tasting varieties, because of course herbal tea tastes wonderful without mint and without lemon. After all, tastes are different. For example, choose a pure chamomile blossom tea, good mood herbal fruit tea, summer herbal teas or winter herbal mixtures to suit your taste.

Organic herbal tea - what does it mean?

If a tea is declared as an organic herbal tea, this means that strict guidelines must be met so that the tea can be labeled as an organic herbal tea. Because in order for a herbal tea to be called an ORGANIC herbal tea at all, the grower must be able to show an ORGANIC certificate. The herbal tea plants may only be grown without the use of pesticides, artificial fertilizers or genetic engineering. In concrete terms, this means that only organic or mineral fertilizers are used. In addition, no genetically modified tea plants may be used, and the plants may not be irradiated. All in all, the cultivation of ORGANIC herbs must be gentle on people, the climate and the environment, so sustainability is the top priority in cultivation and harvest.

Store herbal tea loose - this is how it works

If you buy herbal tea in bulk and want to store it in such a way that the natural aromas are retained for as long as possible, it is important to store it correctly. When buying loose herbal tea, you will find that the fresh leaves can quickly lose their taste and aroma if they are not stored properly. Because the herbs quickly lose quality if they are exposed to direct, external influences such as moisture, light or foreign odors. It is therefore advisable to use an airtight and opaque container for storing your favorite herbal tea. It is also important to use the same storage container for one type of tea. Otherwise, a delicate tea can quickly take on the aroma of a food previously stored in the vessel.

Herbal teas in pregnancy

Organic herbal teas are extremely popular, especially during pregnancy. Due to the different effects of herbs, many expectant mothers like to use the different varieties during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Depending on the composition, herbal teas can counteract a wide variety of complaints. Our ORGANIC herbal teas are basically free of additives and are therefore particularly recommended during pregnancy

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