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Buy Robusta coffee online directly from Ambrosia

Buy Robusta coffee online: You can order high-quality Robusta coffee at the Ambrosia online store. The freshly roasted Robusta blends have a full body, an intense aroma and a high caffeine content. In addition to the Arabica beans, the aroma of skillfully roasted Robusta beans is particularly popular with espresso connoisseurs. Whether as an ingenious combination of both or exclusively pure like our Tanzania Kilimanjaro (100 percent Robusta beans) - get to know and love the inner values of the extraordinary little aroma bean.

100% Robusta

Tanzania Kilimanjaro Tanzania Kilimanjaro
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This is what distinguishes Robusta beans:

  • Bean is not spherical, but oval
  • Twice as much caffeine as arabica
  • Strong aroma
  • Ideal for espresso
  • Beans are less oily

Well-rounded - Robusta beans stand out

Anyone who thinks that a bean is the same as a bean will learn wrong with the spherical Robusta beans at the latest. Because while Arabica beans are more oval, the beans of the Robusta varieties resemble small, round pearls with a straight cut. Almost twice as much caffeine is hidden under the roasted shell. While a coffee made from Arabica beans has a rather soft, flattering and gentle taste, Robusta beans give a full-bodied aroma that is a taste experience even under thick milk foam.

Robusta beans are licensed to make irresistible crema

Robusta beans still lead a neglected existence among the broad mass of coffee drinkers. They are only found in small amounts in common mixtures - between five and thirty percent. These espresso brands benefit from the Robusta talent of the inimitable crema and the extra touch of powerful flair on the tongue and palate. Thanks to the lower proportion of coffee oils, your crema remains thick and long-lasting. In addition, the bean has a certain bitterness and severity in the taste. This is due to the higher chlorogenic acid content.

In the steadily growing circle of coffee connoisseurs, however, Robusta beans are no longer an insider tip when it comes to exclusive espresso and co. Because a skilled roaster knows how to give the small coffee pearl a balanced body. And so it is no wonder that unusual creations such as Tanzania Kilimanjaro coffees are increasingly generating enthusiasm.

At Ambrosia, we retain full control over all of our coffees. Therefore, we can promise and deliver a high quality to all of our customers.

Aromatic espresso made exclusively from Robusta beans

Most types of espresso that can be found in stores often only have a small percentage of Robusta beans. The common espresso types are mostly based on the tried and tested Arabica beans, which meet the general taste tenor.

We at Ambrosia have made a conscious decision to include stronger coffee in our range, which is ideal for a cup of espresso. Just browse through our range and discover exquisite compositions. If you have any questions, please ask us. We look forward to helping you.

Robusta beans have a stronger taste, which is why they are also often used for espresso. This bean has a higher caffeine content than the classic Arabica beans. The Robusta variety is therefore less suitable for people who do not want to drink strong coffee.

Where can I buy espresso made exclusively from Robusta beans?

Most of the espresso types that can be found in stores are dominated by the milder Arabica beans. Ambrosia made a conscious decision to include the stronger espresso in its range, which consists exclusively of Robusta beans. Customers can also order larger quantities here, e.g. for the office or for the catering trade.

What makes Robusta beans so special?

The Robusta beans are not spherical, but oval. They have about twice as much caffeine as the mild Arabica bean. Therefore Robusta has a strong aroma and is ideal for espresso or for a strong coffee. Since it is less oily, the golden brown crema also lasts better and is particularly aromatic.

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