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The spices and herbs from the Ambrosia Store are handcrafted, packed and shipped with a large portion of passion. We always pay close attention to the quality, because enjoyment is our top priority. Of course you will find the spices in our online shop, ground, cut or whole, in small sizes up to value packs


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Definition of spices

As different and diverse as the spices of the world are, they also differ greatly in terms of aroma and taste. But what exactly are they and how do spices differ from herbs?

Both terms refer to parts of plants that, thanks to their natural ingredients, give taste and / or smell. In the case of spices, depending on the herb in question, parts of plants such as flowers, buds, fruits, roots, rhizomes, seeds, bark and onions, or individual parts thereof, are mainly used in dried form. In the case of herbs, on the other hand, leaves, sprouts, flowers or individual parts thereof are used - both in dried and fresh form.

A basic distinction is made between:

  • Fruit and seed spices such as pepper, paprika, caraway
  • Bark spices such as cinnamon, Kaneel
  • Leaf spices such as bay leaves, basil, parsley, oregano
  • Flower spices such as saffron, mace, cloves
  • Root and onion spices such as ginger, turmeric, garlic, spring onion

Rubbed spices, ground spices, cut spices

Ground, rubbed or cut: many spices and herbs come in very different shapes and varieties. But what exactly do rubbed, ground and cut mean? Our little product knowledge gives an overview of what exactly means rubbed, cut or ground spices.
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Ground spices are crushed to such an extent that the result is a fine powder that can be added to the food with precise doses.

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When rebelling, a distinction is made between mechanically and hand-rebelt. Reeled spices are processed by hand using manual reeling. Hand-rubbed spices contain leaves, flowers, petioles or fine stems. In mechanical reeling, the dried parts of the plant are roughly chopped up. The proportion of stalk remains is greater here than with hand-pounded spices.

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Some herbs with long or needle-like leaves are difficult to rock, so these spices are cut. To do this, the plants are mechanically cut into small pieces with sharp blades.

Spices from all over the world

Our spices come from all over the world and are put together by us to create the most delicious creations and sophisticated combinations. We have known many spice suppliers for many years, so we can rely on the excellent quality of the spices. All seasonings are tested by laboratories for their ingredients before they are purchased. In addition, the boss personally tastes and checks the goods with a trained eye, a fine nose and a sensitive palate, so that only spices leave our house, behind which we can stand with full conviction in terms of quality and consistency. With our products you can be sure that they have not been irradiated for preservation.

Which spices to buy? Which spices are used for what?

The world of spices and spice mixtures is extremely diverse and extensive. As a hobby cook, with the almost unmanageable number of herbs and spices, the question quickly arises: which spices do you use for what? In order to get the information you need, you do not have to study long guides or scroll through confusing lists with Ambrosia. We answer the question which spices are used for what and at a single glance. In the overview of our spices, we give you a clear recommendation as to which dishes and foods the respective spice goes best with - simply, quickly and compactly.

What to consider with spices and herbs

Hearty-spicy pepper, fiery-hot chilies or aromatic-spicy curries: If you value quality and taste, then it is worth taking a close look at your favorite spice. But how do you recognize high-quality spices? The characteristics of good quality are not always immediately apparent at first glance. We have therefore put together some helpful tips for you, which you can use to identify spices of excellent quality quickly and easily.

Order spices and better not store them open

In markets, spices are often stored in open bags or other open containers. This type of product presentation is nice to look at, but open storage is not very beneficial for the quality. Because light, air and moisture affect the quality of pepper, curry, chilli and co. Therefore, make absolutely sure that these are aroma-protected and well packed. Some spices are also more sensitive to light than others and should be stored at home in a light-protected packaging, e.g. a spice jar.

Effect of spices

In addition to improving taste and smell, spices are also valued for other properties. Among other things, they are said to have analgesic, fungicidal, calming, antispasmodic or appetite-stimulating properties.

Manufacture of spices

Every day a fresh scent of a wide variety of spices wafts through our house, because in our in-house production the supplied spices are portioned in household quantities and packed one after the other in our practical and resealable bags. A lot of manual work is still required, because there is a lot of detailed work in every packaged condiment. Starting with the filling of the bags, through to closing and labeling: That is why we treat our raw materials with respect as a matter of course.

Shelf life of spices

In general: We always buy the ingredients and raw materials for our condiments in small quantities so that we can avoid unnecessary storage times and thus potential loss of freshness and quality of the raw materials. In this way, we can guarantee that the condiments of your choice will arrive at you freshly packaged.

Although they have a long shelf life, the taste of pepper, salt, curry and other condiments and spice mixtures can lose some of their intensity over time. It is also decisive whether the spices are whole or ground. Ground spices lose their taste more quickly, while whole spices retain their unique aroma for much longer.

It is therefore advisable to freshly grind your favorite spices shortly before adding them to a dish and then to season your food with them. Regardless of which of your favorite spices you use: It is best to store them airtight, dark and dry. A suitable storage location is therefore important, but the perfect container is even more important. For this purpose, we have a wide range of elegant and functional spice jars in our shop for you. The right spice jars for the correct storage of your favorite spices can be found here.

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