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Strong, creamy or fruity-sweet: Today the selection of cocoa is as diverse as the taste buds. Especially hot chocolate with creamy milk and fine cocoa powder warms the soul. Good cocoa beans with intense aromas give a drink the twist of fine chocolate nuances. Each type of bean has its very own taste - from melt-in-the-mouth to fine-dry to extravagant. A cup of steaming cocoa reminds adults of snow fun and crispy cookies, children love the hot drink as a little comforter in an emergency.

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Cocoa as a superfood

Raw cocoa in particular is considered a superfood with remarkable ingredients that awaken feelings of happiness, donate natural energy and are rich in antioxidants. Whether cocoa with fiery chilli, wintery drinking chocolate or vegan smoothie with cocoa beans - delicious cocoa recipes sweeten everyday life for young and old. In the Ambroisa online shop you will discover delicious cocoa varieties for preparing exciting creations for chocolaty enjoyment. The selected cocoa brands combine harmonious flavors and the best ingredients.

Drinking chocolate or cocoa - what's the difference?

At first it seems simple: Cocoa is a powder made from grated cocoa beans and chocolate dissolved in milk makes drinking chocolate or hot chocolate. The cocoa tree bears the fruits of the cocoa plant, which provides the ingredients for cocoa drinks, edible and drinking chocolate, but there are differences. As with coffee, the nature of the soil, cultivation area and processing determine the taste notes that emerge from the up to 25 centimeters long cocoa pods. Cocoa is a vegetable raw material and after peeling, roasting and grinding the cocoa beans, a mass is created that is pressed into cocoa powder.

Unpressed, the cocoa mass can be processed into chocolate. The powder for hot chocolate is also made from cocoa beans. In contrast to eating chocolate, drinking chocolates contain more cocoa butter, which means that they dissolve more quickly in whole milk or semi-skimmed milk when heated. The delicious delicacies are often offered as talers or drops or as drinking chocolate powder. Cheap products often contain little cocoa, but more sugar - often just a substitute for real hot chocolate. That is why it is important to pay attention to the ingredients. High-quality beverage powders for milk and water have a higher cocoa content than instant powder containing cocoa. True power foods are raw cocoa beans:

  • Rich source of magnesium, iron and calcium
  • More than 600 antioxidants
  • Valuable unsaturated fats like oleic acid
  • High in fiber
  • Strengthening the intestinal flora
  • Protection against colds through the substance theobromine
  • Positive effect on mood

Hot chocolate is good for the soul and awakens the spirits

Whether chocolate cake, warm cocoa with cream, creamy cappuccino with a note of chocolate or a glass of cold cocoa milk - cocoa drinks and dishes taste delicious and lift your spirits. A cup of hot chocolate on gray winter days is good for the soul and awakens the spirits. Even the Indians appreciated the fine taste of cocoa beans. Back then it was still a bitterly hot drink, but cocoa has become an absolute favorite drink in European regions thanks to the addition of sweetness alongside coffee and tea. The valuable cocoa beans come from Brazil, Nicaragua, Indonesia or Peru, but also from the Ivory Coast or Papa New Guinea. Cocoa powder is commercially available with low or high oil content.

In the slightly de-oiled variant, the minimum content of cocoa butter must be 20 percent, heavily de-oiled cocoa powder must not contain less than 8 percent cocoa fat. We recommend slightly de-oiled powder with an intense chocolate aroma and higher fat content, mainly for warm drinks. If you want to take full advantage of the multitude of healthy ingredients and little pick-me-ups, raw beans are the ideal choice. However, you should not heat the cocoa beans above 42 ° Celsius, because too high a temperature removes most of the valuable vital substances and nutrients from the drink.

Enjoy cocoa without a guilty conscience

Cocoa supports the immune system, has a relaxing effect and protects the body cells. But the chocolaty pleasure also has many calories if it contains a lot of sugar and is prepared with whole milk. The best basis for the low-calorie original taste is unsweetened, slightly de-oiled, high-quality cocoa powder. Ovomaltine, for example, is a reduced-calorie beverage powder with malt that contains less white sugar and more cocoa. If you want to enjoy hot chocolate without a guilty conscience, you can use types of milk with a lower fat content, such as unsweetened soy, almond or coconut milk.

But in order to experience the full-bodied aroma of the cocoa beans, the chocolatey treat has to have a certain sweetness. Instead of refined sugar, organic honey is ideal. Although the bee product is also high in calories, it consists of 50 percent fructose, which means that the blood sugar level does not rise as quickly. It doesn't always have to be hot chocolate with cream. A number of refined and low-calorie cocoa recipes delight the palate, such as spice frappé or soy banana shake. Do you fancy fine desserts, excellent drinking chocolate or cocoa with real Swiss chocolate? In the Kaffee24 shop you can conveniently order coveted cocoa varieties at low prices online - a paradise for cocoa lovers who value quality products, good taste and maximum enjoyment.

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