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Buy Online Perfectly composed blends of spices with which everyone will be an excellent cook

Aromatic and perfectly composed spice blends are a way to create tasty dishes that will delight your family and guests. You can find among them traditional combinations, characteristic of cuisines from different parts of the world or famous dishes, as well as ready-made compositions that will facilitate the preparation of various types of meat, soups and vegetables.

We offer mixtures that will allow you to conjure up the unforgettable taste of exotic dishes, and ways to make traditional Polish cuisine easy to digest and full of tempting aromas.

Spice Mix

Spice Mix Buy Online In Ireland

We perfectly understand the difficulty of creating the right spice mixes by yourself. Therefore, we decided to hire specialists who will do this responsible work. The result of their efforts are spice mixes offered in our store, which will make each type of dish a very unique product.

Spice mixes are the basis of a modern kitchen. They make cooking extremely easy and are able to improve the taste of even ordinary scrambled eggs.

Advantages of using mixtures

Spice mixes bring two undeniable advantages to the culinary arts. First, it is some kind of standardization. Using a mixture of spices, each time we add herbs and minerals to each other in certain proportions. This increases the chance that the prepared dish will have a similar taste every time. The second great advantage of spice blends is that they speed up the entire cooking process. We don't have to wonder how much and what spice to use. We just add the spice mix in the right amount - and that's it.


The most popular and used blend of Asian spices. We can find it in many dishes of Indian cuisine, where the whole family of dishes takes its name from this spice. It is also added to soups, it will also be a good, though not very traditional addition to stews. In Indian cuisine, curry acts as one of the "layers" of aromatic dishes. We always start cooking with the hardest ingredients, mainly onions and spices, to gradually build new flavors on them. Curries are often mixed with oil and other spices and then simply heated in a pan. The most common ingredients of curry are: turmeric (which gives it its color), coriander, ginger, cumin, mustard seeds, black pepper, chili


Masala is a mixture of spices typical of Indian cuisine, often made on a regular basis with fresh herbs and additives. There are at least a few basic variants of masala - from green to spicy version. The most popular of them is Garam Masala, a slightly spicy and distinctive blend that we use at the end of cooking. It gives a characteristic taste and aroma to meat-based dishes or vegetarian stews. It usually consists of pepper, cumin, coriander, cardamom, clove, bay leaf, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Herbes de Provence

It is a mixture of spices associated mainly with French cuisine, although it contains herbs used in many European cuisines - rosemary, thyme, sage, basil, mint, savory, oregano and marjoram. Provencal herbs work well as an addition to salad dressings, soups, marinades (for example, grilled), or an addition to fried vegetables or roasted meat. We can easily prepare our own mixture of herbs by combining these spices according to our own taste.

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