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Pralines are bite-sized chocolate products with a filling made of a soft cream, refined with liqueurs, schnapps or alcohol-free. Nuts, brittle, dried or candied fruits, marzipan and nougat are used as filling for pralines. Compared to truffles, which have a spherical shape, pralines are angular, square or diamond-shaped.

Handmade Truffles are truffle pralines. They are round and with their irregular shape they are reminiscent of truffle mushrooms. The respective truffle mass - ganache - is cut by hand and the truffles are hand-rolled. When making truffle pralines with hollow pralines, the latter are filled with a ganache. Then they are usually coated with a thin layer of dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate.


Pralines and Truffles

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A work of art in the smallest of spaces. This is how you can also call a praline. Fresh ingredients in perfect combination promise a special taste experience. Every praline from our house is a small masterpiece and contains creativity, real craftsmanship and great attention to detail. Our praline collections are the perfect choice for every occasion and are suitable as a noble gift. Whether for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, birthday or just like that.

We offer you a fine selection of our truffles and chocolates in our shop. These delicate masterpieces are lovingly crafted from the finest raw materials by our chocolatiers. Customers who buy our handmade truffles and chocolates online can always rely on the quality and purity of the products. In our online shop you can easily and conveniently order our fine truffles and pralines to your home.

Truffle & praline - what's the difference?

All truffles are chocolates, but not all chocolates are truffles. Because truffles are a special “species” among pralines. Truffle pralines are sprayed and rolled, their filling is cut-resistant and does not run apart when you bite open. Since their appearance is reminiscent of the rare and precious truffle mushrooms, they were called truffles without further ado.

The heart of our truffle pralines are their fine fillings, refined with spices, flavors or spirits. Cream truffles are characterized by a high proportion of cream, butter truffles by a high proportion of butter. Real truffles or truffle aromas are rarely found in chocolate truffles. Other ingredients can be: Marc de Champagne, whiskey, caramel, vanilla, kirsch, etc. We spray the truffle mixture in small portions with a dough syringe onto a firm surface. Then we dip them in pre-tempered couverture made from whole milk, dark or white chocolate. Once the couverture has drained off, we roll it - depending on the type of truffle - in sugar, powdered sugar or cocoa powder and let it harden.

But we don't want to neglect our non-truffles either. Because all of our pralines are small confectionery works of art, handcrafted of course, and a combination of first-class chocolate and high-quality ingredients. Ultimately, personal taste always decides - and we have the right thing for everyone. Ordering handmade chocolates online and sending them to friends and family has never been easier.

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