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RUBY Pink Handmade Chocolate

Pink chocolate, or ruby chocolate, is otherwise known as ruby chocolate. It is produced in a natural way - from cocoa beans. Its hallmark is that it has a unique berry flavor. It is devoid of any artificial additives - both in terms of taste and color.

Ruby Chocolate

Where did pink chocolate come from?

Ruby chocolate is the first discovery in the chocolate world since the 1980s - it was then that white chocolate was discovered. Our assortment includes pink chocolate in several variants, incl. in the form of cookies, liquid - to be dissolved in a cup with hot milk, as a bar, real pink drinking chocolate, in a duet with dark chocolate, with strawberries and mint, with cranberries and almonds. We are constantly expanding our offer, so it is worth checking out new products.

Pink chocolate delights and surprises - not only in terms of color, but also delicious taste. The cocoa beans used to make our chocolates come from the Ivory Coast. It was only discovered in 2018. Ruby chocolate has a standard level of fluidity. This is why it is possible to make all kinds of desserts.
A hit with goodies

Pink cocoa bean chocolate is the latest hit among the world's sweets. It tastes completely different than the known types of chocolate - that's what makes it unique. Moreover, it is a natural delicacy without the addition of dyes. Already during the first tastings, pink chocolate caused quite a stir. This is because everyone who had the opportunity to try it was surprised by its extraordinary taste.

Next to dark, milk and white chocolate, pink chocolate is the fourth known type. It is a truly precious work, distinguished by a subtle, sour and berry flavor. Without a doubt, Ruby chocolate is a full-fledged chocolate made from cocoa beans. Although it looks unusual, there is no place for artificial enhancers here. The secret of color lies in the technology of cocoa beans processing. The product is derived from unfermented cocoa beans or fermented for a maximum of 3 days, treated with acid. Acidification makes it possible to extract the ruby or purple color of the pulp from the grains.
Ruby chocolate

Regardless of the version in which we try pink cocoa bean chocolate, it always stands out with its original taste compared to other types. It is delicate, creamy, with a distinctive berry note. It can be eaten like classic chocolate or melted and used for desserts. Ruby chocolate is not widely available - you can buy it in our offer to make sure that it is 100% natural.

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