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How is flavored coffee made?

Whether the coffee is flavored or not - the preparation remains the same. Whether you use your portafilter machine, chase it through the French press, or prefer the classic filter coffee - the decision is yours. Although ... there is a small difference ... Close your eyes, listen to the noises during preparation and take a deep breath. Can you smell it in your spiritual nose, that very special scent of your chosen flavored coffee?

Can you use the beans several times for preparation?

Well, this is less about skill than about the meaning behind it. Because of course you can use the beans several times. It just doesn't taste good the second time. And there is a reason for that: During preparation, the pressure and the hot water wash all the aromas out of the ground beans and land in your cup as delicious coffee. Coffee grounds are left behind. And many a flower is happy about it when you fertilize it with it - or your skin when you peel it with it. But definitely not your taste buds anymore.

These flavors are there

As already mentioned above, coffee beans can be provided with all conceivable aromas. We have stayed true to our most popular varieties for years:

  • Chocolate
  • Nut vanilla
  • Caramel Vanilla
  • Macadamia nut
  • Irish cream

Do you already have the scents in your nose? Are you curious about which flavored coffees we also have in our range? Then just have a look at our online shop. By the way: Since we always have the wishes and preferences of our customers in mind, the range can change from time to time.

Why are our flavored coffees so special?

We also use it to flavor our coffees roasted with love: With love. And with high-quality oils that, over time, are completely absorbed by the beans and optimally combine with the coffee's own aroma. Since we are a small roastery and do not need storage, you can be sure that our coffee will always arrive freshly roasted - and freshly flavored - with you.


We at the private roasting company Brazilanstory are always eager to give you a good time with our coffee. And we are of the opinion: It can be something new from time to time. That is why we offer you our tried and tested coffee and espresso classics as well as our tried and tested flavored coffees. For your coffee enjoyment in the best quality, depending on your mood.

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