Keemun Black Tea

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Black Tea - Keemun

Keemun (also called Qimen) is one of the most important teas from China. Despite its great popularity, Keemun has only been produced in Anhui Province since 1875. Before that time, only green teas were produced in Anhui. Traditionally, only the delicate pieces of the tea tree Zhu-ye-zhong are used for Keemun. Sufficient wilting, complete rolling and proper fermentation are the prerequisites for the good quality of the tea.

Our Keemun is a mild tea with a beautiful, regular leaf and a bright red-brown cup. The smell of late summer plums and ripe apples fills the nose. A light caramel aroma rounds off the spicy, sweet bouquet.

  • Harvest time: April
  • Tea plant: Zhuyeqi.
  • Picking: hand picked.
  • Taste: Fine aromatic, mild, fruity-spicy

Ingredients / origin: Keemun (Qimen) black tea from Anhui Province, China

Preparation: 3g (~ 2 teaspoons) | per cup (200 ml) Water temperature 100 ° C | Brewing time 3-5 min.

Keemun Black Tea - one of the best black teas in the world

Keemun is a unique black Chinese tea with a winey and fruity flavor. Considered by many to be one of the best black teas in the world. It is produced in Qimen County, Huangshan, Anhui Province. Its name comes from the name of the province "Qimen" spelled from the English: "Keemun". Its history is quite short - it was established in 1875.

Quimen tea

Keemun tea was "created" by Yu Quianchen, a government official who was privately passionate about tea. At one point in his life, he lost his job. To make a living he went roofing in Fujian while studying the secrets of tea production. When he was ready to start growing tea bushes, he started looking for a suitable place to set up a plantation. It turned out that almost all such places in its vicinity are already occupied.

His search ended near Quimen - the place turned out to be perfect. Yu Quianchen started growing tea plants and producing black tea. This tea quickly gained recognition, especially in England, where it became the most famous ingredient in the English Breakfast tea blend.

Like the newcomer, many growers from Anhui province began producing black tea - the local variety of tea bushes is said to be particularly suitable for this. It has specific properties that give the brew a unique flavor. Its aroma is described as fruity, with hints of chocolate and prunes. The flavor of Keemun tea is mild (silky, balanced) and sweet. It is somewhat reminiscent of cocoa.

Keemun tea

There are many varieties of Keemun tea, each made in slightly different ways. However, all of them undergo a very slow drying and oxidation process, which gives them a unique and rich taste and aroma.

Keemun Mao Feng

It is produced from whole leaves and buds harvested at the earliest, in a ratio of 2 leaves and 1 bud. After drying, it slightly resembles green Mao Feng, its leaves are tightly curled, long and unbroken. Its smell is sweet, honey - this applies to both the dried and the infusion. The color of the infusion is dark orange, turning red. The taste is slightly sweet, smoky with a hint of floral and fruit.

Keemun Mao Feng tea is considered one of the best black teas. It tastes best without any additives, it will ennoble blends of other types of tea.

Keemun Hao Ya

Another variety of high-quality black tea. It consists mainly of whole leaves which look like little needles when dried. It is slightly stronger than other varieties of Keemun teas. It has a clear, intense, slightly sweet taste. It is compared to good red wine due to its very rich bouquet of flavor and aroma.

Keemun Gongfu

It is a variety specially prepared for brewing during the Gong-fu tea ceremony, i.e. in a masterly style. Currently, in China, attempts are made to recreate old tea habits - one of them is gong-fu cza - natural harmony and lack of rush.

Keemun tea - brewing

As you know, black tea, depending on the length of brewing, can have a stimulating or relaxing effect. It is the same with Keemun teas.

They can be brewed in the Western way, i.e. about 7 grams of tea, pour 500 ml of water at 90 degrees Celsius and brew it for 3 to 5 minutes.

It can also be brewed many times, in an oriental way, just like green teas. In this case, pour about 5 grams of tea into 85 ml of water at a temperature of 80 degrees. The first brewing should last no more than 10 seconds (in the case of green teas, this infusion is often poured out), the next several dozen seconds and the last one up to several minutes.

To brew Keemun Gongfu tea, we already need a tea pot. Brewing tea in Gong-fu cha in a teapot takes a short time, and the brewing draws quickly. Extending or shortening the brewing process by a dozen or even a few seconds radically changes the taste of the drink. Therefore, pouring tea from the teapot directly into the cups would make it the weakest in the first cup and the strongest in the last. To prevent this from happening, the infusion from the teapot is first poured into the jug, and then into the cups. Thanks to this, it will be equally strong in each of them.

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