What is the best coffee beans for an automatic coffee machine? 0
What is the best coffee beans for an automatic coffee machine?

What is the best coffee beans for an automatic coffee machine?

Every day, in Polish offices and homes, automatic espresso machines, our private baristas brew countless amounts of coffee for us. In this article, we have discussed the general principles of brewing different coffees with each type of coffee machine. Today, however, we will focus on quiet heroes who dispense, churn, brew and froth milk themselves without our participation - let's check what good coffee beans can be used in an automatic coffee machine!

So different from a portafilter ...

Seemingly, devices with the same name and the same name should be poured with the same coffee, so why not just reach for any beans labeled "Espresso Roast"? There are several reasons! The first that is worth mentioning is the smoking profile. Despite the “espresso” label, the beans from many specialty roasters are quite light in color. It works great when we use professional grinders with large diameter of burrs dedicated to espresso.

What coffee for the automatic coffee machine

In automatic coffee machines, unfortunately, compromises are often made. The first one is the burrs of built-in grinders. Some manufacturers, in order to avoid the rusting of steel burrs, use those made of ceramics, which results in a lower quality of the grinding, especially the finest one. It should also be mentioned that many automatic coffee machines are treated as workhorses and after a year or two or more of use, they are not serviced, which has a negative impact on the taste of the coffee obtained.

What to do then?

If you are still before buying your dream home barista, check its parameters! Steel burrs, a clear interface, adjustment of the grinding thickness and a large number of parameters are the most important features of a good coffee brewer. The obvious choice will always be coffee machines from leading brands - Jura and Nivona. Good service facilities, availability of spare parts and high quality of workmanship will ensure long and trouble-free use. In addition, you should take care of your equipment, take care of its regular service and clean it with the best chemicals dedicated to coffee machines.

Automatic coffee machine and coffee

If we have completed the above points, there is nothing else to do but choose the perfect coffee beans! Automatic coffee machines should be served with espresso-roasted coffee. As we said at the beginning - even that can be too acidic at times, so Italian craft coffees will be a good choice at the beginning, with possible potential for brighter coffees as an experiment. If you decide on the more sophisticated, homogeneous coffees, pay attention to their processing and country of origin. Coffees from Central and South America will have a lower degree of acidity than those from Africa. If you want to avoid it even more - choose natural or pulped natural coffees, if it is something desirable, look for wet coffees.

The classic will always defend itself!

Which coffee beans for the machine to start with? Good, Italian classics in a craft edition, that is our favorite Arcaffe. First, choose small packages of various coffees from this roaster and choose the tastiest one among them. At the beginning, it is best to order coffees with a different ratio of Arabica to Robusta. Arcaffe Margo - 50% Arabica and 50% Robusta - is the most "robusta" coffee, intense in taste and with a lot of bitterness. The second coffee with the highest amount of robusta is Meloria, in which we have 25% robusta beans. In a cup, this will translate into a slightly higher acidity, which, however, will be muffled by the intense bitterness of robusta.

Arcaffe - good coffee beans for the coffee machine

Another good coffee bean proposition for the coffee machine, the least "hardcore" when it comes to keeping a certain amount of robusta, is Arcaffe Roma. A blend of many specialty Arabica and an admixture of good-quality robusta give a balance to the taste, a slight acidity, but thanks to the robusta we still have a lot of bitterness and a beautiful crema. For fans of Italian espresso, which is 100% Arabica, my favorite is Arcaffe Mokacrema - nuts, chocolate and lots of sweets that I associate with honeydew honey!

Or maybe you will be tempted by some fruit?

By brewing coffee in an automatic coffee machine, you are not condemned to a classic espresso without fruity notes. The easiest option to try something new? Espresso of the month! Just go to Coffeedesk, find our recommended beans and buy them at an exceptional price. If you are looking for madness and a huge amount of acidity, give coffee from Kenya and Rwanda a chance - they will repay you with a huge amount of red fruit, juicy raspberries and cherries. However, it is in vain to look for nuts or chocolate there, which for many people are the determinants of a good espresso.

Or maybe something with high sweetness that will go hand in hand with relatively high acidity? Try What The Funka by HAYB Specialty Coffee. This blend is 50% washed Guatemala Huehuetenango and 50% Ethiopian Dimtu Tero natural treatment. A great balance between chocolate, blueberries and strawberries - try it! If these proposals are too many, go ahead and reach for a coffee from the world champion in coffee roasting - Rubens Gardelli - Cignobianco is his artisanal approach to Italian coffee. In addition to the sweetness of chocolate and almonds, you will find plums and sweet caramel there - yum!
Seek and you will find

The coffees described above should be a good start in your search for "the only" and the best coffee for an automatic coffee machine. However, it is important to understand that "the one" can change with our preferences, humor and season of the year. So remember that coffee has thousands of tastes and aromas that you can feel, and don't be afraid to look for them.

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