Vanilla & Chocolate Coffee

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Vanilla & Chocolate Coffee

The chocolate flavor is emphasized by enveloping vanilla, nothing more than that. Reach for it in the morning to sweetly chase away the remnants of sleep, in the afternoon to give yourself cheerful energy, and in the evening to taste delicious relaxation. The combination of chocolate and vanilla is a classic that never disappoints.

Ingredients: Colombia Excelso coffee, aroma.

The foam and the flavor of the coffee

There is probably no need to describe the taste or smell of vanilla. You can't go wrong with your favorite spice. One hundred percent Arabica flavored with vanilla has a very harmonious, delicate and sweet effect. The acidity is low. If it is ground and brewed correctly, the coffee will have a rich and delicate crema.
The origin of coffee

The coffee we use for flavoring comes from the Peruvian Andes. The Puno region is a traditional producer of alpine arabica whose popularity is growing all over the world. Its Typica variety is perhaps not very fertile, but very valuable due to its fantastic taste properties. In Peru 98% of coffee is cultivated by smallholders. They run their families on small plots on the mountain slopes. Due to the fact that their coffee plantations are difficult to access, they are not fertilized and no artificial plant protection products are used. It is for these reasons that Puno coffee meets all the criteria used in organic farming. The fruits of coffee trees (Coffea arabica) are harvested almost all year round. Only the ripe ones are harvested. When the fruits reach the farmers' farm, they are poured into water, pressed through crushing plates, which are devoid of pulp. Then, for 36 hours, they are fermented in special fermentation vats. The result is green or light gray grains, which farmers dry either in direct sunlight or in dryers. Coffee aromatization is a particularly delicate process that can be carried out by an actual Roasting Master. We have one, so our flavored coffee will keep its aroma for a long time.
The effect of coffee

Coffee beans have long been appreciated for its ability to stimulate and relieve the body from fatigue. Its aromatization does not diminish its effects. Stimulating caffeine can induce a good mood, helps the body to control stress and improves memory. Drinking coffee has been shown to increase physical and mental performance by 12 percent! Thanks to the antioxidants it contains, drinking it regularly is an excellent prevention of cardiovascular diseases, as well as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases. After consumption, coffee increases the secretion of saliva and gastric juices, which speeds up digestion. It also affects the burning of fats. For example, athletes who drink a cup of espresso before the race take advantage of this. Coffee also has an antibacterial effect, disinfects the oral cavity and protects against tooth decay and oral infections.
Preparation of flavored coffee in an automatic coffee machine

Preparation of flavored coffee in an automatic coffee machine

If you plan to use flavored coffee to prepare a drink in an automatic coffee machine, we recommend that you check that it is possible in the instruction manual of the coffee machine. If the manufacturer of the machine does not provide any information on flavored coffee, follow the recommendations below.

The natural aroma with which this coffee is flavored can react with the plastics on prolonged contact in the tank and cause them to whiten.

  • Always put only as much aromatic coffee in the coffee machine as you consume immediately.
  • After preparing the flavored coffee, prepare another cup of traditional beans. This will cleanse the device of any residual natural aromatic substances.

The same principle applies to the grinding of flavored coffee in the grinders (manual and electric).

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