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Ambrosia premium tea at the highest level

Ambrosia stands for the highest product quality and excellent product safety. Even the purchase of our teas takes place according to defined quality criteria. Organic tea is preferred, while conventionally grown tea is only obtained from tea gardens that know the high quality standards of Ambrosia and take it seriously. All tea samples are examined for traditional quality criteria as well as for undesirable residues and contaminants. Traditional quality assessments (observation of the processed leaf, smell of the dry tea, taste of the brewed tea, testing of the infusion, i.e. the brewed tea leaves) are carried out by our tea tasters.

Buy high quality tea

The character of each type of tea is as individual as the taste of a tea lover. Enjoy freshly brewed tea as an invigorating hot drink in the morning or to relax in the evening and before going to bed. Let yourself be warm with a hot cup of tea on cold winter days or refreshed with a cool glass of iced tea in summer - a lot is possible with the tea from our tea shop. In our shop you will also find useful accessories for making tea. After all, high-quality tea needs to be prepared correctly in order to give you pleasure and pleasure!

Quality promise

Here, all types of tea are constantly checked for residues and impurities. A timely preliminary examination of supply and purchase samples enables us to make purchasing decisions on the basis of a comprehensive quality assessment and to offer a high-quality, clean and healthy product with our producers.

In addition, there is an additional control of the tea types by independent sworn experts and the association of tea importers also continuously examines tea samples from various production areas in voluntary self-control.

Order tea online in the tea shop

If you want to enjoy your favorite tea in time for tea time in the afternoon, you will appreciate a tea delivery service where you can order your favorite tea in a guaranteed consistently high quality. Buy tea - preferably with the tea mail order you trust. At Ambrosia spice trade you can buy tea that does not contain any artificial additives or preservatives. High quality is our top priority - so that the enjoyment of tea becomes a drinking pleasure with every cup.

Buy a large selection of loose tea in the tea online shop

You will also find your own personal favorite tea in our wide range of different teas in our tea online shop. Regardless of whether you want to buy whole tea leaves, loose tea or a high-quality tea blend: With the teas from the Ambrosia tea online shop, you will find everything you need for carefree tea enjoyment.

Buy tea - wonderful drinking pleasure at any time of the day

In the Ambrosia tea online shop you can choose from a variety of different types of tea. Regardless of whether you are in the mood for delicious fruit teas, spicy herbal teas or aromatic black teas: You can buy your favorite tea in the Ambrosia's online tea shop - guaranteed to be of top quality. The heart of every tea lover is guaranteed to beat faster.

Buy high quality tea - this is how you recognize good quality

High quality is important for the unmistakable aroma of a tea, regardless of whether you buy your tea as whole tea leaves, as loose tea or as a tea blend. But how do you recognize good tea quality? A few details will help you distinguish low quality teas from high quality teas. Among other things, the texture of the tea is an important indicator of whether you have purchased a fresh, high-quality tea. The tea should be neither too dry nor too moist and fresh and, depending on the variety, smell correspondingly fresh. You can buy our tea specialties online in the tea shop, guaranteed without flavor enhancers, without glutamate, without artificial additives and without preservatives. You can therefore order tea online from us as a purely natural product.

Buy the right tea blend for every season

Prepare your tea drink whenever you want. No matter whether summer or winter: A cup of freshly brewed tea tastes good at any time of the day or season. Choose your favorite tea from tasty fruit teas, spicy herbal teas or aromatic black teas and enjoy it comfortably warm on cold autumn and winter evenings or as a refreshing cool-down on hot summer days, well chilled and delicious in taste. Buy tea online and enjoy it anytime - now at Ambroisa.

Discover our organic teas

The decision for organic tea is made by more and more people who buy their tea in addition to the enjoyment factor also under the aspect of consumer responsibility. Organic does not only mean that the use of pesticides, artificial fertilizers or genetic engineering is prohibited. Above all, organic means that the natural cycle of life and intact relationships between humans, the environment and animals are preserved. Through this responsible use of resources, organic farming also aims to preserve our environment for future generations. Over 30% of our range are now organic teas!

Green tea is life

Green tea is largely a natural product that has been left in place, full of positive ingredients, invigorating complexion, a memorable history and unexplored modes of action. The inexperienced tea drinker will need a while to open up his taste world, but then you will be rewarded with an extraordinary wealth of nuances, animating freshness, a shining cup or simply the highest joie de vivre. "Green tea is life" - the Chinese already knew this around 5,000 years ago and wrote: Green tea awakens body and mind to new life!

Pour tea - this is how it works

If you want to enjoy your favorite tea appropriately and in a traditional way, you can put your tea loosely in a tea infuser or tea strainer and let the tea steep for between 10 and 15 minutes. Afterwards, the popular hot drink can be enjoyed either neat or sweetened, depending on personal preference. In addition to conventional sugar, honey or sweeteners such as agave syrup can also be used as sweeteners. Those who like to experiment can also combine several types of tea. In addition to classic fruit teas, delicious tea compositions can be created by combining black and green tea. In the tea online shop Ambrosia you can buy your favorite tea, combine it to your heart's content with other tasty teas and create your own personal favorite tea blend

TEA - properties, types, interesting facts

Tea is almost an Irish national drink - we are on the 2nd place among all European countries that love tea (only the inhabitants of Great Britain drink more of this drink. So it's worth knowing what to drink - learn about the properties and types of tea, as well as interesting facts about this drink!

Tea - the oldest types of tea are over 1700 years old! Where do they get the strength to resist the action of time so effectively? Today we know that tea contains a high concentration of anti-aging compounds. It is about flavonoids - natural ingredients provided in the diet that capture oxygen free radicals and neutralize their effects.

Radicals are formed in the human body as a by-product of metabolism. They are responsible for cell damage, contribute to the development of diseases and accelerate the aging of the body. Our lifestyle, environmental pollution and stress weaken the immune system that protects health. And then free radicals can go crazy at will. Unless we look for allies ...

How is tea made?

The tea grown in the plantations is cut to the shape of the shrub, which measures approx. 1.50 m to make harvesting easier. However, in nature, this plant can take the shape of a powerful tree. The most famous (and probably the oldest) tea specimens grow in a forest in the Yunnan province. They are over 32 meters high, and their age is estimated at 1700 years.

On acidic soil in a warm, humid climate, at an altitude of approx. 2 thousand. m, two basic varieties are cultivated: Chinese Camelia sinensis and Indian Camelia assamica.

The first harvestable leaves appear after 3-5 years. They are picked all year round, on average every 10 days. The leaves are placed on huge mesh tables, on which they lie for several hours. When they wilt, they lose most of their water. If they are to be made into leaf tea, they are dried and broken. To make granulated tea, they are crushed, torn and rolled. Then the raw material is fermented: the oxygen contained in the air enters the crushed leaves. As a result, they turn from green to red-orange, and the tea takes on its aroma.

From this, among others it depends on whether you get black, green, red, yellow or white tea. The final stage of treatment is heating - a stream of hot air passes through the tea, which stops all chemical processes. After this stage is completed, the color, flavor and aroma are fixed.

During all these processes, the raw material is additionally screened. This is how it is selected: the leaf tea remains on the sieve, and the dried fruit that passes through it is called broken tea. On the other hand, the dust remaining after the last sifting is used to produce tea bags. Some types of teas are subjected to "aging" similarly to wine - they mature for several years in cool, dry rooms.

Health properties of tea

Catechins are the most valuable of the flavonoids that can stop the invasion of free radicals. They can neutralize the most dangerous hydroxyl radical for humans and are most easily absorbed by our body. They are also found in red wine, apples and grape skins. But tea contains the most of them - up to 40 percent. dry weight.

Probably due to the presence of catechins, tea can help protect against atherosclerosis and heart attack. It also lowers cholesterol - the greatest enemy of our arteries.

It is also believed - although it has not been proven - that drinking tea - especially green tea - may prevent cancer and enhance the effect of anti-cancer drugs1. In China, where people drink the most, it has the lowest incidence of prostate cancer in the world.

Dermatologists and cosmetologists are convinced that some compounds contained in tea greatly improve the condition of the skin, slowing down the aging process. They help with fungal diseases and ulcers. That is why green tea extract is added to many cosmetics and healing ointments. We should also remember that tea essence compresses soothe inflammation of the conjunctiva.

Tea as an energy source

Before the destructive power of free radicals and the beneficial effects of flavonoids were discovered in scientific laboratories, that is, before we knew the true health value of tea, we valued it for its refreshing taste and aroma. And for the fact that it adds strength and removes fatigue. It owes these properties to the presence of caffeine - an alkaloid that stimulates the nervous system. A 160 ml cup of tea contains 40-50 mg of caffeine, which is more than the same amount of coffee. As a result, it improves the mood much better, improves concentration and memory, and removes drowsiness.

Tea: properties of tannins

A strong infusion is an antidote to poisoning, e.g. with heavy metals or acute alcohol poisoning. The toxin binding agent is a tannin called tannin (most in black tea). But besides these beneficial properties, tannin reduces the absorption of iron from food. Therefore, it is better not to wash down your meals and iron-forming preparations with tea. You should also remember that drinking too much can cause insomnia, palpitations, muscle tremors, headaches and dizziness. It also increases the secretion of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which is harmful to ulcers.

Tea with lemon can be harmful to your health

Tea with lemon can harm your health? Yes, if you add lemon right after pouring boiling water over the tea. Tea leaves contain aluminum, which is harmless because it is hard to digest. During the brewing of tea, this metal only in small amounts passes into the brew, most of it accumulates in the coffee grounds.

The situation changes when a lemon slice or lemon juice is added to the hot tea during the brewing process. After adding acid, the aluminum in tea creates available aluminum citrate, which can be very harmful to the body.

It can accumulate in the brain, for example. It is believed that it may contribute to the development of Alzheimer's disease (research is ongoing). What's the solution to this problem? It is best to add lemon to the infusion without the coffee grounds and only after it has cooled down.

Absorbable aluminum compounds will be formed when lemon or lemon juice is added to a glass containing tea grounds. Therefore, they must be removed before adding lemon. Then no toxic aluminum citrate will be formed.

Types of tea

  • Black tea. It's completely fermented tea, dried in a hot stream of air. It gives an infusion of intense color, distinctive taste and aroma. It contains a lot of tannins, caffeine and catechins. It stimulates and detoxifies the body, strengthens the teeth and has a bactericidal effect. Producers often enrich it with fruit, flowers, vanilla or rum. Flavored with bergamot gives the species Earl Gray. The leaves are poured over with water at a temperature of approx. 85 degrees C and cover. The infusion is ready after 3-5 minutes.
  • Green tea. The freshly plucked leaves are allowed to dry and then heated to stop the fermentation process. The bitter infusion is lemon-yellow in color. It contains less caffeine and tannins than black tea, but the content of catechins is five times higher. That is why it is believed that green tea is the healthiest. It is the best when it comes to removing toxins and slows down the aging process. It protects the heart, has antibacterial and antiviral properties, lowers cholesterol and normalizes blood pressure. It is the only tea that brings relief to people suffering from acidosis. It is often flavored with fruit and flowers. The leaves (a teaspoon per cup) are poured over with water at a temperature of 80-90 degrees C and steamed for about 3-5 minutes. Some species can be brewed two or three times, with the first infusion stimulating, the second - calming.
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