Pu Erh Cornish Tea

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Pu Erh Cornish Tea

A specialty of Cornish cuisine is the characteristic thick cream for sweet desserts. Austerity, sweetness, color - just Cornish Tea. Created on the basis of Pu Erh red tea - it cleanses the body, stimulates digestion and supports the work of the liver, lowers cholesterol, fights overweight. Pu Erh tea contains many minerals and trace elements - manganese, calcium, fluorine and theine (much more than black tea). Its earthy flavor is wrapped in beautiful additions of flower petals and an accent of Cornish Cream. Immerse yourself in the velvety taste. Fall in love with flowers again.

Ingredients: Pu Erh tea, aroma, rose petals, mallow flower, peony flower, cornflower pink.


Red tea - Pu Erh

Tea leaves are harvested and twisted, left in this way, they mature, then the process of microbial fermentation takes place - long-term exposure of the leaves to the action of micronutrients. The result of this process is a dark tea with an earthy taste that takes some getting used to. Thanks to its slimming properties, we use it quite often. It occurs mainly in the province of Yunnan and it is the tea produced there that is called Pu Erh (red teas from other regions cannot use this name). It is available in various forms. It can be a loose leaf fermented in piles or pressed lumps of various shapes and sizes (the most popular: Bingcha, Tuocha, Zhuancha). Good red tea has a slight leaven smell but must not reek of mold. Basically, the more expensive red tea, the better. There are rarely exceptions to this rule.

Important! There are two types of Pu Erh red tea:

Pu Erh sheng tea (raw / "raw") - tea not subjected to the process of accelerated aging of water. It comes in two varieties: green and aged. Green is the form in which the tea has not been subjected to microbial fermentation or has been given very little, the taste is quite pungent and bitter. The age variety is a tea in which fermentation processes take place naturally, without supporting them, for many years (from several to even several dozen), mild in taste, with a unique, multi-level aroma. Both varieties can arise from different parts of the tea bush, the tea is made of the most delicate buds and aged for a short time (1-2 years), it is called white Pu Erh. Pu Erh shou (ripe) tea - controlled microbial fermentation is part of the accelerated aging process of the tea. Wodui consists in subjecting tea leaves to fermentation processes with the help of microorganisms and fungi that develop under the action of steam and elevated temperature. The leaves are dark in color and the infusion has a specific earthy aroma.

The method of brewing Pu Erh red tea:

1 teaspoon of tea per cup (200 ml), water temperature 90 degrees C (about 2 minutes after boiling), infusion time from 2 to 4 minutes. covered, after this time the leaves should be separated from the infusion. Brewing suggested 3 times.

Properties of Pu Erh red tea:

  • is one of the most popular teas used in slimming, colloquially known as the "fat killer". It has the ability to block pancreatic and gastric lipase, reduces fat build-up in internal organs, speeds up metabolism and blocks the formation of new adipose tissue
  • supports the work of the digestive system and soothes stomach discomfort, has a good effect on the intestinal flora and general function
  • promotes lowering cholesterol and regulating blood pressure
  • contains, among others: tannins, alkaloids, flavonoids, minerals (calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, copper, selenium) and vitamin C
  • It also has antioxidant properties that detoxify the body and cleanse it of toxins
  • has a positive effect on the liver
  • alleviates the effects of alcohol consumption

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