Red Czubryca - Bulgarian Spice Mix

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Red chubryca is a spicy spice of Bulgarian cuisine. Check its properties and application!

Red Czubryca gives the dishes a sharper, more spicy taste and perfectly emphasizes the taste of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes.

Ingredients: salt, sweet pepper, parsley leaves, garlic, dill leaves, basil, mountain savory, oregano, marjoram.

Culinary recipe with this spice: Bulgarian Gjuwecz Goulash

Red Czubryca - a Bulgarian spice mixture based on mountain savory

Red Czubrica is one of the two varieties of Czubrica, the most popular Bulgarian spice mixture.

We distinguish red chubrica, which owes its characteristic brown color to the considerable addition of paprika, and green chubrica, a mixture of spices with a slightly milder taste, but a stronger aroma, the color of which is due to the presence of green pepper.

Red Czubryca is a mixture of spices that together give the dishes an intense spicy taste and aroma. The composition of red czubryca may differ depending on the region and the culinary preferences of its authors.

However, it always includes mountain savory, which is the basis of this spice mixture, and additives such as chili and sweet peppers, black pepper, garlic, sugar and salt. The composition of red czubryca very often includes rosemary, marjoram, basil, dried onions and dried tomatoes.

Such composition makes red czubryca an excellent addition to meat, vegetarian and legume dishes. Due to its origin, red czubryca is also a perfect match for popular Bulgarian dishes, which should not be missing.

Red Czubryca health properties

Red czubryca is a spice mixture made on the basis of mountain savory. It is a variety of savory that grows in sunny areas of Southern Europe and is very common, for example, in Bulgaria.

Mountain savory, however, should not be confused with the common garden savory in Ireland, as both varieties, despite having a similar name, have different properties. Mountain savory is a plant with an extremely strong, but also very pleasant to our nose aroma.

Its composition includes numerous essential oils which give the plant its intense aroma, flavonoids and carotenoids.

Red Czubryca used in the kitchen

Red czubryca is a tasty and healthy spice mixture that is worth using in your everyday kitchen. We can buy it ready-made or mix the spices ourselves.

Red Czubryca is a spice with a rather intense spicy flavor and aroma. So it will surely appeal especially to people who often reach for spicy spices with a distinctive flavor.

It is perfect as an addition to various types of meat dishes, both grilled, baked and cooked.

Due to its Bulgarian origin, the red chubrica should not be missing from traditional Bulgarian dishes. Due to its positive effect on digestion and the work of the digestive system, it is worth adding it especially to heavy and fatty dishes.

Red chubrita will facilitate their digestion, prevent the feeling of heaviness and indigestion. Red Czubryca is also perfect as an addition to soups and dishes based on vegetables (e.g. vegetable soup, cabbage, aleo, salads).

Vegetarians can also successfully use this mixture, because it is perfect for emphasizing the taste and aroma of vegetarian dishes. In addition, red czubryca is also perfect for legumes, eggs, cheese, sandwiches and pizza.

Red Czubryca - who is it best for?

To sum up, red czubryca is a spice undoubtedly worth trying. It is perfect to add to many dishes and fits perfectly in our Irish cuisine.

Let's check who should especially take advantage of the interesting properties of the red chubritz:

  • lovers of spicy spices;
  • people who like fatty and heavy cuisine;
  • people suffering from problems with the digestive system (e.g. indigestion, flatulence, nausea);
  • ad hoc as an aid in the treatment of a sore throat

Red chubritz is a spice mixture that is still relatively unknown in Ireland. However, it is worth getting to know it better and trying it out, because it is a spice that really deserves our attention, not only because of its interesting taste and aroma.

Red chubrica is a spice with valuable properties, which is mainly due to mountain savory, a plant from the mountainous areas of sunny Bulgaria.

Red czubryca added to dishes gives them a spicy and more expressive taste, has a positive effect on digestion and helps, among others. in the treatment of inflammation.

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