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Organic Green Tea with Mango

Green tea with the addition of fruit and flower petals, loose leaf.

Green leaf tea with an exotic hint of mango and a delicate touch of marigold.

An original combination of flavors and colors, in leaves, petals and fruit, which is a feast for the eyes and palate. We broke the distinctive taste of green tea with the sweetness of mango and emphasized it with a sunny calendula petal.

Brewing method: Pour a teaspoon of green tea into a cup, pour boiled water at approx. 70-85 degrees Celsius, brew for 3-5 minutes.

Organic Green Tea with Cranberry with Pomegranate

Ingredients: green tea, hibiscus flower, cranberry fruit, aromas, pomegranate peel, wild strawberry leaf, marigold petals.

Product description:

If you value the unique properties of green tea and its beneficial effects on the body, and at the same time want to enjoy the wonderful taste of the fruit, the Ambrosia leafy green tea series is made just for you.

The magical blend of green tea with cranberry and pomegranate is a drink that will give you energy to act and give you vitality. Improve your well-being with a cup of aromatic Ambrosia tea.

Green tea is rich in vitamins, tannins, alkaloids, purine compounds, coumarins and lecithin. It also contains numerous minerals, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, silicon, fluorine, copper, iodine and amino acids. Thanks to such a diverse content of valuable ingredients, it has a beneficial effect on various functions of our body. The most frequently mentioned advantage of drinking green tea is cleansing the body of toxins and has a beneficial effect on the natural functioning of the digestive tract. Cranberry fruit is a source of vitamins, mineral salts and other valuable substances. Cranberries are natural antioxidants that soothe the negative effects of free radicals. In addition, cranberry supports the proper functioning of the urinary system. Pomegranate, thanks to the high content of natural antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, improves mood, rejuvenates and adds vitality. Green tea with the addition of fruit gives a feeling of refreshment and lightness. Stimulates the mind to act.

We recommend people of all ages, especially those who care about the good condition of the digestive system.

Brewing method: Pour a teaspoon of green tea into a cup, pour boiled water at approx. 70-85 degrees Celsius, brew for 3-5 minutes.

Organic Green Tea with Prickly Pear Flower

Green tea with the addition of fruit and flower petals, loose leaf.

The classic composition of green tea with pieces of prickly pear is a combination for connoisseurs with exceptional palates.

Thanks to the use of high-quality ingredients and thoughtful composition, it is a unique proposition for those who do not like the bitterness of traditional green tea without additives. An extraordinary visual experience is provided by the addition of rose petals, which make the infusion a real feast for the senses.

Organic green tea (78%), apple, aroma, rose petals (1.7%), fig prickly pear (1%).
Country of origin of green tea: China

Brewing method: Pour a teaspoon of green tea into a cup, pour boiled water at approx. 70-85 degrees Celsius, brew for 3-5 minutes.

Green tea for the night - is it worth drinking it before going to bed? Or maybe a different kind will work?

The vast majority of us do not think about what to put in the mug in the morning. Coffee is a natural companion for breakfast, morning news or replying to the first e-mails. However, it looks a bit different in the evening - watching a movie on the couch, reading a book just before going to bed or meeting a friend in the middle of the week like the company of a hot drink, but here we do not reach for one specific one - there is a wide selection and a range of properties. What kind of tea will be the best for the night? Is green tea before bed a good idea, or maybe white or black tea would be better?

We can laugh at memes and avoid Instagram publications in the outdated hygge climate, but the truth is that a cup (or a jug) of a really good infusion can simply make a long evening pleasant and it's worth pampering yourself with it. Night tea can perform many different functions: to aid digestion after a hearty dinner, to relax and calm down before going to bed, or, on the contrary, to gently support focus and activity of the brain. Only depending on our preferences, we can choose the right brew.

Relaxation and focus - caffeine in tea

Let's start with the key factor that will determine whether tea is suitable for us to drink at night - the caffeine content. Both green and black tea have caffeine, and thus - a gentle stimulating effect. The exact caffeine content depends on the dose and length of brewing, but black tea will have more caffeine than green tea.

Green tea - is it good for the night?

Since green tea has less caffeine than black tea, is it a good choice for an evening out? It depends. We write more about the properties of green tea in this article. Although it has less caffeine than black tea, keep in mind that it will still have a mild stimulant effect. The caffeine content in a cup of green tea varies between 20-35 mg (for comparison, a cup of black tea is around 45 mg and a cup of coffee is around 100-140 mg). So it will not be a good idea to drink it at night if you are looking for relaxation and relaxation. However, it will work if we want to stay focused for several dozen minutes - reading a book or watching a movie.

Alternatives - Which Tea Is Best Before Bedtime?

When black and green tea are not a good option for us due to the caffeine content, other options are worth looking at! White tea has the least caffeine - it can be great before going to bed. However, it is worth looking at other possibilities: they are herbal infusions. This type of tea opens up a lot of possibilities and properties.

Anbrosia Store's offer includes, for example, a mixture that supports good sleep thanks to adaptogens, among Yogi Tea teas we can find, among others the digestive aid with fennel, licorice and peppermint, and in Paper & Tea you will find a mildly stimulating blend without caffeine.

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