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A dream for herb lovers - aromatic, fragrant organic herbs from our own organic nursery: shade-friendly plants, fragrant tea herbs, grilled herbs and salad herbs or cocktail herbs that you won't want to miss anymore.

At Ambroisia you can find numerous herbs online and buy fresh herbs in a relaxed manner.


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Buy dried herbs - the right culinary herbs for every dish

In our online shop you can buy a variety of different dried herbs. Depending on your preference, you can order dried herbs cut or stripped herbs. The chunky structure paired with the rich color of our kitchen herbs not only gives your dishes a great visual highlight, but also a very special taste. Dried herbs are particularly suitable for use in salad dressings, sauces & marinades, but also in stews, soups or as the icing on the cake for potato and other vegetable side dishes, they cut a great figure.

Order a large selection of culinary herbs online

In our online shop you will find a large selection of culinary herbs from all over the world. For every dish you will find the right herbal mixture for authentic cuisine here.

Clever kitchen aids for your favorite dish

In addition to the well-known varieties, we also offer dish-specific culinary herbs as herbal mixes. These include, for example, pizza herbs, salad herbs and tomato herbs. You can buy dried herbs in our online shop without flavor enhancers, without glutamate, without artificial additives and without preservatives. You can therefore order dried herbs from Ambroisia as a purely natural product.

You can recognize the freshness and quality of your herbal mixture on the one hand by the color and of course by the aroma. Dried herbs should therefore be full and fresh in color and impress with a full-bodied, intense aroma. Furthermore, the consistency of the herbal mixture should neither appear too dry nor too moist, but in the best case be loose and fluffy.

Order dried herbs - these are their advantages

Dried herbs have many advantages: With their natural, aromatic aroma they add that certain something to your dishes and turn both cold and warm dishes into very special taste experiences. A mixture of herbs also ensures that stews, meat etc. look fresh and colorful and the intense smell of the cooked food makes your mouth water. In addition, their long shelf life makes them loyal taste companions at any time of the year!

Typical kitchen herbs - everything a herb heart desires

You can buy many different culinary herbs in our shop. Typical kitchen herbs in our range that should not be missing in any herbal kitchen:

  • Wild garlic, chervil and lovage
  • Parsley and chives
  • Basil, oregano and marjoram
  • Rosemary and thyme

You can also find dried herbs as herbal mixes, such as herbs from Provence, our Italian herb mix, our Greek herb mix or Ticino herbs, in our online shop.

Buy herbal mix for frying and cooking!

For those who do not have their own garden to plant fresh herbs, dried herbs are a wonderful alternative. They give your dishes the aromas they need and give them an intense, authentic taste. In addition to the use in classic warm meals of all kinds, we would like to take this opportunity to give you a few recipe tips that also work great as small gifts:

  • Herbal butter: Whether for grilling, on a steak or on the baked potato - homemade herb butter tastes twice as good. Let the butter "warm up" to room temperature, add any dried herbs and a little salt and mix, then chill in the refrigerator.
  • Herbal quark: For those who would like to have a healthy dip on the couch in the evening, vegetables with herbal quark are a good alternative to chips & Co. It gets even healthier if the quark is mixed yourself: Simply mix low-fat quark with any spices and start dipping!
  • Herbal salt: Mixed with a high-quality, coarse-grained salt, a wonderfully spicy herbal salt is quickly created that gives your dishes the finishing touch.

Are you looking for tea herbs that you can use to conjure up a delicious herbal tea? Or would you like to give your meal the flavor it needs with rosemary, basil or thyme? We have numerous herbs online that are characterized by their freshness and high quality. In our online shop you can order fresh herbs with just a few clicks. Just browse through our categories and rely on the following quality features:

  • High quality thanks to cultivation in our own nursery
  • Organic products with an intense taste and smell
  • Fast delivery so that our plants are as fresh as they are from the market
  • Over 100 different native herbs
  • Mediterranean herbal plants and others are also on offer all year round

Organic herbal plants - particularly resilient and tasty

The organic herbal plants that grow in our own nursery are much more intense in taste and smell than conventionally grown herbal plants and impress with their fresh green. We cultivate organic herbal plants and organic spices in 30 different varieties, which are extremely resistant and tasty. You can also buy our herbs cheaply and expect high quality at the same time.

  • Order herbs - that's how easy it is to send herbs
  • Look for suitable herbal plants in the shop - either directly or let our recipe ideas inspire you.
  • Put the desired amount of products in the shopping cart.
  • Order herbs by confirming the shopping cart. Herbs are dispatched within a short time.
  • After a few days, you will receive the desired products - buying herbs is that quick!

Why are our herbal plants so unique that you should buy the herbs online right away?

When you order herbs from us, you can rely on excellent organic quality. We produce all offered products ourselves in our nursery. In addition, you benefit from a large selection of rosemary, mint, basil, thyme, lavender, coriander, parsley and many more.

Planting culinary herbs - your most common questions

Herbs can easily be grown as a balcony plant or in the garden. In addition to the location, there are a few things to consider. Find out what you need to know below for your own cultivation.

Which herbs are not allowed to be planted next to each other?

If herbs do not grow optimally despite good care, it is often due to the wrong plant neighbors. It is important that you only combine species with the same location and soil conditions. Even with the classics, there are unfavorable combinations. For example, you should never combine chives with parsley and peppermint supplants sage. Thyme and marjoram or basil and mint do not go together at all.

Which herbs can be planted together?

If possible, combine only perennial species with each other and do not mix annual and perennial herbs if possible. Of the annuals, the following go very well together

  • Savory
  • Chervil
  • Chamomile
  • Cress
  • Dill borage

When can you plant herbs outside?

As with vegetables and lettuce, the planting time largely depends on the species. Perennial herbs can be planted in beds, balcony boxes or raised beds from March. However, if the garden herb is annual and the leaves are soft, we recommend planting them out from mid-May.

Buy the 3 most popular herbal plants:

  • Parsley is one of the most popular herbs in the kitchen. The year-round aromatic herb spices up salads, quark dishes or stews. You don't necessarily need a garden for the delicious organic parsley, because it also feels good in boxes, pots or in the house.
  • Not only do we humans enjoy oregano, this bee herb also serves as a source of food for butterflies and bees. If you want to bring Italian cuisine into your home, oregano is ideal. The scent is unique and oregano with its slightly bitter taste and lean spiciness is also indispensable on pizzas or pasta dishes.
  • The fine chives grow in every season and inspire with their delicious aroma of onions. The herb tastes best in salads or directly on bread. The herb has a stature height of about 10 to 50 cm. The special thing about chives is that the vitamin-rich purple flower is also edible itself. This flower tastes milder and sweeter than the rest of the chive plant.

These plants should not be missing in any home - you can easily buy herbs from us.

Order herbs in organic quality - versatile and aromatic

Wonderful aromatic herbs not only carry off herbalists into another world. They refine almost any dish and turn it into a special delicacy. Experience the diverse world of herbs and discover your darling - with our large selection, you are sure to buy herbs that meet your preferences. Fresh garden herbs and kitchen herbs are characterized above all by their versatility and form an important component in the modern kitchen.

The most famous mixture “Herbs of Provence” can be easily made. To do this, you will need thyme, oregano and lavender. Mix in more fresh herbs and your own creation is ready. Discover the variety of harmonious herbal mixtures and use them to create fresh, wonderfully intense-tasting dips or sauces, for an unmistakable note and a very special aroma. With a lavender scented sachet in your wardrobe, your clothes will always smell like a fresh sea of lavender.

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