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Herbal Pepper - an excellent substitute for traditional pepper for digestion

Pepper is a spice that cannot be missing in any kitchen. It is worth knowing, however, that pepper has many names and that apart from the traditional black spice, there are also other varieties of it. Especially worth our attention is herbal pepper, an aromatic mixture that has a unique composition, taste and health properties.

Herbal pepper, however, has little to do with traditional pepper! What ingredients make herbal pepper, what dishes should it be added to and what medicinal properties can this aromatic herbal mixture boast?

We recommend a recipe with this spice:

Roasted veal in thyme with nuts and raisins served with egg, chives and horseradish salad

Ingredients: mustard, coriander, marjoram, savory, cumin, thyme, curry (coriander, turmeric, fenugreek, cumin, ginger, cloves, fennel, bay leaf, garlic, cinnamon, salt, black pepper, mango, corn), chilli .

Herbal pepper composition and origin

The composition of herbal pepper may be surprising because ... it does not contain pepper! Herbal pepper is a mixture of several different spices that has little to do with the well-known black and white pepper that are eagerly used in Polish cuisine.

In the composition of herbal pepper, we can most often find spices such as: cumin, coriander, marjoram, bay leaf, white mustard, horseradish root and red pepper. So why such a name, when herbal pepper does not really contain pepper at all?

Well, herbal pepper owes its name to its sharp and very characteristic taste, which in a way can be compared to the taste sensations that accompany eating its traditional variety.

Due to the poor availability of traditional pepper, our grandparents and parents tried to create a spice on their own to replace pepper.

This is how herbal pepper was created, a spice that quickly became extremely popular and is still widely used in the kitchen today. Nowadays, despite the fact that traditional pepper is no longer available on store shelves, the popularity of herbal pepper has not weakened at all and it is still eagerly used to season traditional dishes.

Herbal pepper has a characteristic, quite pungent taste and a unique aroma. Its taste, however, is much milder than that of traditional black pepper, which makes herbal pepper an ideal pepper substitute for people who avoid its traditional variety due to its too spicy taste.

Herbal pepper health properties

Herbal pepper, in addition to its spicy taste and unique aroma, also has a number of excellent health properties, which make it even more worth reaching for! These properties result directly from the ingredients contained in this aromatic herbal blend.

The staple ingredient in herbal pepper, which is found in virtually all of its mixtures, is caraway. This spice has a great influence on the digestive processes, strengthens the appetite, has anti-inflammatory properties and improves metabolism.

Such properties result from the composition of this healthy spice. Cumin is a rich source of essential oils, mineral salts, tannins and flavonoids. Coriander, in turn, is a spice that perfectly affects our digestive system, helps in the treatment of indigestion and getting rid of intestinal parasites.

Consuming it with herbal pepper helps to get rid of gas, improves intestinal peristalsis and prevents flatulence. Thanks to its choleretic properties, coriander also improves digestion and cleanses the liver. Like cumin, this spice also supports your appetite.

Marjoram, on the other hand, is one of the most effective natural spices, which positively affects not only digestive processes, but also supports our immunity, heals cough and runny nose and helps to fight colds. Marjoram contained in the composition of herbal pepper has a great effect on our digestive system, has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to heal diarrhea.

In addition, marjoram also has valuable calming properties, helps you fall asleep and ensures a healthy sleep. Bay leaf also has very similar properties, its consumption aids digestion, strengthens the liver and additionally lowers blood sugar levels.

Red pepper, which can also be found in the composition of herbal pepper, has a great influence on immunity. White mustard is also found in herbal pepper. This spice is perfect for digestive ailments.

White mustard reduces inflammation, soothes stomach pains and protects the gastric mucosa against irritation. It is also perfect for the treatment of constipation, because it loosens the fecal masses in the intestines and gently cleans them by regulating bowel movements.

Herbal pepper is perfect for digestion!

Such a composition of herbal pepper makes this spice perfect especially for fatty and hard-to-digest dishes, which unfortunately do not lack in traditional Irish cuisine.

The ingredients present in this herbal mixture improve digestion, accelerate metabolism and help to avoid food ailments associated with eating "heavy" dishes. These benefits make herbal pepper an ideal choice for people who:

  • they eagerly and often reach for hard-to-digest and fatty dishes;
  • suffer from digestive problems;
  • prefer spicy and expressive spices;
  • want to speed up their metabolism;
  • they are looking for a milder replacement for traditional pepper.

Herb pepper used in the kitchen

Herbal pepper is a mix that goes perfectly with meats of all kinds. We can successfully add it, among others. for traditional minced cutlets, for roast pork and also for poultry.

It is also perfect as an addition to soups, e.g. for traditional pea soup or cabbage soup. It is also a perfect complement to the taste of dishes based on boiled eggs and mushrooms. Its spicy taste also goes well with vegetable salads, bigos and Christmas dumplings stuffing based on sauerkraut and dried mushrooms.

However, when using herbal pepper in your home cooking, it is worth adding it to dishes in moderation. We should also remember that it is a mixture that already contains some spices, so you should carefully use other herbs with it so as not to spoil the taste of the dish.

Regularly used herb pepper will allow you to bring out the unique taste and aroma of the dishes and will positively affect our digestion, improve metabolism and allow you to safely enjoy the taste of traditional Irish dishes.

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